Having arrived in Indonesia at the invitation of the Government of Indonesia for more than 10 years and after the execution of the Contract, he decided to stay in Indonesia.

In this short period, he managed to do what people usually take many years and sometimes decades.

In addition, he is the author of 8 inventions and utility models in Russia in the field of anti-terrorism and has 12 patents, he even managed to get 2 patents on trademarks in Indonesia and Malaysia.

He managed to build not only several beautiful villas and small hotels and build his hotel, which took two prizes in the Discovery Channel «White Cubes Hotel» program, but also put on a crane production in Jakarta. He built 2 bridges on the East coast of Bali on the request of regent of Sanur and a lot of interesting things.

He was able to learn the language to such a level that sometimes local people talk to him on the phone without seeing him as with a local one. More than that owns 2 more dialects. We must not forget that the Russian language is not his native language and he also learned it and graduated from 2 universities in Russian!

It was a small description of the personal qualities of Aron Geller.

The quality of work of his and his team – sometimes even in Europe it is difficult to meet such attention to details. He taught his team for 7 years (this is how much they study for doctors) and as a result they do the impossible. He is not even a wonderful leader, but rather a leader, a captain of his team. People get tired and sometimes it seems that they are about to fall, but seeing his inexhaustible energy and strength stand up and go. He treats his people – it's hard to describe. They pray to him and are ready to follow him wherever he goes. They all leave thousands of kilometers together and fulfill orders of special accuracy there.

But he and his wife literally made me start building a house. We were afraid that we would not be able to master it, but he was adamant, emotional, assured that he would help in everything. And we agreed and didn’t regret it, but now we understand that if it weren’t Aron, we would never have gone this way and never mastered this road. But it turned out that we did not even notice how it all began and ended!

Aron drove us out of the pad, stomped his feet on what to do here, you have nothing, go rest and watch the result online. Every day, twice from the site go photo and video materials in real time!

Then he built for us a pool with a built-in jacuzzi. As far as I know the photos are on his personal website. What can I say. The work is impeccable.

It was difficult for him as in the constructed house to begin construction work is  hellish experiences and for the customer and for the builder – do not go there, do not touch, do not soil, in a word terrible restrictions to builders. But Aron never even showed his discontent.

Day and night he at the site. Do not calm down until you get the result. After starting work with him, the customer goes to the second place for him and the object itself becomes a point of his attention, probably for this reason, it is sometimes hard to communicate with him.

He stops to see people and begins to communicate only with the construction as a sculptor communicates with his work. He really begins to sculpt a sculpture. Sometimes he is keen on and goes beyond the budget – but what is the budget for a sculptor? He puts his own but achieves perfection. If he began to build a ladder for example and understands that the architect did not take into account many of the details that come out right on the spot – he changes everything without regret. He works only for the result. At the same time, he will never go to the customer to ask for extra or reimburse their costs. Even if himself running at a deficit but he will not say any word. It is clear that Aron has other sources of income and he can afford a fan on site. But at the same time, he is very much waiting for the appreciation of his work. He needs praise like air. And this is normal, because when the choice of work or rest arises – he will give up everything and leave for the site, even at night and this time he gives you. Is free. He does not ask for anything – just do not skimp on the praise and you will receive not exceeding the estimate and will receive an incredible excess of your expectations. Do not scold him without seeing the final result – he will destroy and break the material until a satisfied smile appears on his face.

And if he likes it – everyone will like it.

Such people are extremely rare.

No matter what he does in his life – making violins, spacecraft, cutting diamonds – everywhere will look for perfection.

In conclusion, I will say – this is an unusually tactful and wise person. Very educated and thinking far beyond the framework of simple awareness.

I want to communicate with him again and again.

Anton Kaznodiy. Bali.

Expectation – 10 points

Result – 12 points

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Soon my assistant flew to him, met with him, and I ordered him to build a 220 m2 villa and offered only 3D visualization, I did not attach any working documentation. We signed a contract with him and I sent him a bank card, where I sent money from time to time for the next stage of construction. I must say for the first time I meet a builder who refuses to accept payment in advance. It was hard to believe, but the reviews of my friends had weight. Aron built everything exactly but not only. Later, a lot of things were found at the villa, which was not mentioned at all, but the estimates did not increase. But not only the estimate has not grown, but on the contrary – for the rest of the money he built another gazebo and made many pleasant trifles, transitions, tracks, and so on. I have never seen Aron Geller live, but what he did amazes me. Today the villa surrenders and is never empty. Soon I am going to the island of Bali where I finally see the person who does the impossible.
I wish him good luck and success.

Michael (Moscow)

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Such a man in Bali is only one – Aron, of those whom I have seen. His value is that any of his endeavours have always been successful and Aron is able to do well and adapt his knowledge and skills in Indonesia, which he showed over 10 years there. Just my observations. In the presence of own funds and / or external investments, I will always be happy to work with Aron first and foremost, despite the fact that he is a perfectionist, striving for the best for ideal realization is always better than anyhow. But only personally, no remote (communication at a distance) and the Internet.

Roman Maximov (Moscow)

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I do not know when he sleeps. Harsh but very well-mannered – he's hanging in there. Sometimes he loses control and the voice is harsh, but he has a point. We must have to try harder to get him out of control. Very stubborn. This can be understood – under his charge more than 60 people at the site and production. Everyone speaks Indonesian, he is fluent in a language and a couple of dialects. Speaks fluently in 5 or 6 languages. Teaches one more. I didn’t believe it — I saw it and only then made sure — a fanatic of study. Bossing everybody but everyone respects. He lives on a construction site, this is his element, he is a king and a god there. At the site, everyone flies, whether he's here or not. I came several times unexpectedly when he was gone – people at me, zero attention, are all passionate about their work. The job based on a military type – he was born in the family of an employee of special forces and has a genetically developed discipline. Hates hack and lazy – expel and does not look back. Locals call the type of man-stone (Solid).
As for the money – jeweler. Add his own, but will not ask the customer.
Particularly I was shocked how he attitude to his wife – it must be seen. Need to learn. A lot of things. Complicated in communication, but he makes a real product, you will cannot find fault. Will not drinking with you and will not chatting in vain. Busy says.
Conclusion. Order and go, do not bother. Will be ready – come and live.

I have never seen people like him before. Thanks.

Boris Podpomogov (Moscow)

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I used to controlling things, but how you arranged your online translation at a construction site is amazing and for the first time I didn’t think about anything and didn’t worry, showed it to everyone and boasted. I just waited, and the result exceeded all our expectations with my daughter. We are delighted.

You resemble a surgeon – your eyes are kind and smart, but you are tough and scary beside you, but I trusted you very much and was not mistaken. You are an unusual and amazing person. Wise and decent.

And also Irishka says that now he is everywhere comparing everyone with you and does not know where to look for such people.

May God grant you and your beautiful beauty wife of all the kindest and best in life.

Your Natalia and Irisha. And you are our Aron.

Natalia Yablonskaya. Moscow – Berlin

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He is really crazy man. Where he takes so much energy I don’t know but he works 20 hours a day. Quality is perfect. I was happy to work with him. everything was great. Thanks for all brother. Respect.

Greg Garber. San Fransisco USA

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I was client of mr. Aron Geller and his construction company in 2015 so we start to build my project in 2014 December and fully completed in 2015 November. Well what should I say. It was great experience. I tired to find honest construction company and almost disappointed but one of my German friends told me that mr Aron Geller could help me to build a villa of my dream. So he did that. He makes me happy because until now I have no any trouble in a villa. He was architector, engeneer, constructor even designer moreover even decorator. He can better than designer because mr Aron Geller understand how to use all materials to make it cheaper. He always care everything about. He save my money.
Also, few words . A person who does not speak much; also, a person of action rather than words. His job is so stressful but personally he’s very friendly and very politely guy. He respect your time, respect your money, respect your dreams and believe me, your dreams will come true.
God Bless You mr Aron Geller.

Pierre Pasquale. Lion, France

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You manifest as a reliable partner – timing, calculations, attitude. More rapid and larger than the majority – this brings its own difficulties. At the same time, facts and results are always reassuring and convincing. In short: respect, learn from you, thank you, glad to cooperate.

Larisa Ivanisova, Indonesia, Bali

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Where he takes so much energy I don’t know but he works 20 hours a day. Quality is perfect. I was happy to work with him. everything was great. Thanks for all brother Aron Geller. Respect.


Greg Garber. San Fransisco USA

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